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Ocean City Maryland's Automotive Special Events are family friendly automotive enthusiast celebrations. These May and October event extravaganzas host 10,000 participants & 150,000 annual spectators at the east coast's most picturesque vacation destination. The events fill ten square miles with the east coast's finest hot rods, street rods, pro streets, showroom stock and restored antique vehicles along Ocean City Maryland's Coastal Highway and it's Beachside Inlet & Convention Center. OC's Special Events offer a wide variety of effective consumer targeted opportunities including at-event advertising, live event marketing and product promotions. 

During the last thirty years, Cruisin’ Ocean City and Endless Summer Cruisin’ have attracted event sponsorship support from many of the largest corporations in the world. Automotive industry giants like Advance Auto Parts, Allstate, AMSOIL, Axalta Coating Systems, Chevrolet Performance, Detroit Speed, GEICO, Meguiar’s, Miller Welders, Mothers, PPG Refinishing, Ridetech and dozens of additional companies have participated with non-automotive brands The Flex Seal Family of Products and the Maryland Lottery.

Cruisin’ Ocean City & Endless Summer Cruisin’ are strongly supported by Ocean City’s Mayor, City Council and the Ocean City Convention and Visitors Bureau. Our events have been broadcast multiple times on television with features on ABC, CBS and FOX, print and online coverage by Autoweek and Street Rodder Magazines and an enthusiastic social media connection on Facebook.

Ocean City's Special Events help you drive advertising activation and ignite consumer interest in your retail products by showcasing your company's at-event sales and marketing exhibit, prominent multi-location banner and logo / signage rights, full page print ad opportunities in our Special Event Program Guides, live on-stage sponsor features & presentations, event web coverage and more.

Three generations of spectators from twenty eastern states attend OC's Special Events, and these consumers are very supportive of our sponsor’s products, advertising campaigns and sales messages. Our events will connect your brand to your target audience.

Imagine the retail sales, marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities that can be yours, by participating and exhibiting your automotive and non-automotive retail brands and consumer-based products at two of the biggest event festivals on the east coast! 


On May 18-21, 2023 the 32nd annual Cruisin' Ocean City returns to Ocean City Maryland. The automotive event that started it all back in 1991 makes its triumphant annual return to the east coast's most popular vacation destination for four days and nights of incredible cruising, fabulous entertainment and lots of fun for the whole family. Featured on national television broadcasts, on social media, websites and magazines around the world, Cruisin' Ocean City is the absolute pinnacle for all automotive events of its type.  


Next Event: 32nd annual Cruisin' Ocean City 2023

Date of Event: May 18-21, 2023

Locations: Ocean City Beachside Inlet & Convention Center

Admission: Adults $10 Thursday - $15 Friday - $15 Saturday - $10 Sunday

Four-Day Event Supersaver Passes - $25 in advance - $35 at event 

Sponsors / Media (386) 445-5678       Participants / Spectators (410) 798-6304


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